Help Us Stop The Cycle of
Abuse In Scotland

Lynn SmillieHi my name is Lynn Smillie. I am Founder and Managing Director of No Feart Community Interest Company. My mother was murdered by my father in 1983. After pursuing recovery for 32 years. I now help to educate men and women to understand Abuse through our Social Enterprise Company.

We facilitate the Freedom Programme for men and women in Glasgow. From this website you will be able to access resources.

I can tell you with the authority of my personal journey that this programme works and saves lives.

If only my mother had the information and awareness, she could have made better and informed choices perhaps? And my father would have been challenged by the mirror of behaviours and beliefs held in front of him to perhaps stop him in his tracks?

The correct education is everything!

No Feart work in the heart of communities within Glasgow educating men and women about abuse.

Experiencing abuse as children or adults can often leave us with unresolved issues, leading to a recurring cycle of abusive relationships within our family and community.

The team at No Feart are trained to help individuals learn about the behaviours and beliefs behind abuse and develop new tools to make better informed life choices.

Groups for women are weekly and in various locations. For men, we run a two-day course every few weeks or weekly group work also. Men who have experienced abuse, who are abusing others or who wish to know more about abuse in general are welcome to come along to the course. All groups and courses are free!

Contact us for more details – email us at or call us on 07706 754 817 for details of locations and times.

Need Support? No Feart Can Help!

Sponsor a woman or man

If you support our work and would like to help fund what we do? why not sponsor a woman or man to complete one of our courses and change many lives as a result of our work. (All courses are free to participants)

We offer three courses in a year that will help transform lives. Each course is an average of 15 sessions. Sponsorship prices per person/per session £46 (includes assessment, group, 1-1 counselling, safety and planning, course materials, sundries)                                                 Thanks in advance!