Abuse is unacceptable in society
We will report abuse!

Ongoing Support

We provide opportunities to further support clients in things like volunteering, employability and signposting to other organisations.


Assessment helps us to establish the needs of each individual client. We work closely with local authorities to ensure all persons concerned are safe. Assessment time gives us a true picture of our clients needs and allows us to work closely with other projects and professionals to give full support.

Forward planning and communication are key to assessment.

Course Work

Our courses have been tried and tested in a voluntary capacity, over a four year period where clients lives have changed through new found knowledge and application.

Past and present circumstances were replaced with strength and courage to make changes in relationships, health, employability and finance – leading to a much better and balanced life.

Group Work

Groups are gender-based, informal and relaxed. Individuals have a safe place to participate in group work.

Anonymity and respect help create a safe and transforming experience.